{Days} Valentines Week List Dates, 2018 Schedule Full List 7th-14th February

Valentines day the most awaited days for every couple from all over the world {Except Some Countries}. All the Couples eagerly wait for this most romantic days.

Valentines day is the day of a year when a lover show their love to their partner. lover show their love by different different way as like by giving rose, chocolate or in many ways. In some countries there is an holiday also on 14th February. 14th February is the official date to celebrate valentines day. This couple days held in the month of February and celebrated by the millions of people. couple also go through the Dinner and for a long drive to celebrate this day for make the beautiful and awesome moment.

when we are in love with some one and want to express our love then only one day came in our mind to do that is a valentines day. Many girl love to be propose on the valentine day because the propose on valentine makes her feel special. And if you make any girl special and show to that girl your loving and caring heart then surely she will be in love with you too.

Valentines Week Days List - 7th to 14th 

Valentines week day is from 7th February to 14th February. All the 7th days of valentines week have their own importance. Each and every day of this loving week have their own importance. 

Description Below - 

7th February - Rose Day - Rose day is the first day of valentines week. On this day, there is must to give a rose to their partner for a healthy relation. This day also means that the relation is so pure as like rose.

8th February - Propose Day - The Most awaited day by the single person, who want to propose their crush and to their inbound love. And this day doesn't means too that if you are in relationship then you don't need to propose, This day means that you must have to propose their partner weather you are in relationship or not.

9th February - Chocolate Day - The most loving day for the girls. and also the most awaited day by the girls because on this day, they get the chocolate from their boyfriend or by the Husband. But some lucky boy also get the chocolate from their girlfriend or from the wife too.

10th February- Teddy Day - Again the most loving and the most awaited day by the girls because Every girls love teddy and they get the free teddy from their partner on this day. And For every boy this is must on this day to give teddy to their beautiful girl.

11th February -Promise Day - When we want to promise some one and we also want to wait for some one special day to do that, then the only day came in our mind is only n only promise day. Promise day has their own importance and it is one of the most important day in valentine week. We Just want to suggest our user that promise to your partner, which you still get in your heart and express your every feeling to your loved ones.

12th February - Hug Day - The day which every boys eagerly wait for the Years because after gifting gift to the girls, finally they get the day to hug their girl. We Just want to suggest to our girls user that make prank to your boyfriend on this day and Try to avoid, not to hug your boyfriend.

13th February - Kiss Day - Again the day which every boy eagerly waiting for the Years and finally they get their own day to get kiss from their girlfriend. 

14th February - Valentine day - The Final day of valentines week. We just want to tell our all the user that make the most special day. The day which can make memories for forever. 

Happy Valentines Day, Hope You get the best of best partner on this Valentine.

So be prepared for this valentines day. 

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