Kiss Day 2018 Images, Wishes, Status, Quotes, Messages For Girlfriend & Boyfriend

Kiss Day 2018 Images, Wishes, Status, Quotes, Messages For Girlfriend & Boyfriend - Kiss day - The most awaited day for some people because on this day they get the right to kiss from his girlfriend after gifting her a lot of gift.

Kiss is one of the valentines day celebrated by mostly youngster on 13 February. And some time it is not only boy who eagerly wait for this day rather then girl is also wait for this day but they want that boy come forward ask for her a kiss.

People go for a long drive and kiss their partner in an special occasion that they can remember the kiss for a long time. even after a marriage people use to make kiss day moment very special.

Kiss Day Images 2018, Wishes, Messages, Status & Quotes  :

This is the day of boy after getting harassed for a long time they get the day when they confidently kiss their girlfriend by giving him a excuse that today is a kiss day and they want kiss.

Befor kiss day

There was

  1. Rose Day
  2. Propose Day
  3. Chocolate Day
  4. Teddy Day
  5. Propose Day
  6. Hug Day
Finally get the Kiss Day, Go For a long drive and make your special moment which you can't foget for a long time.

And The best will be for you that stay away from all this shit days because all these day are Torturable day except that nothing.

I Don't Want to Kiss her,
But I want to tell her
How Beautiful she is...
"Happy Kiss Day"

I never thought love could feel
like this, but
then you changed my world
With Just 1 Kiss
"Happy Kiss Day"

It's Kiss Day
And Today
I Just Wanna
hold you tight in my arms
feel the warmth of your breath
Kiss you deep on your lips
& let my heart say...
Darling You are the best thing
that ever happened to me!!

LoveWho would give a law of lovers?
Kiss Day

When i Saw You, I was Afraid to meet you.. When IMet you, I Was Afraid to kiss you... When I kissed You,I Was Afraid to love you...Now That I Love You, I 'm Afraid to loose you,Kissing is the most natural form of showingaffection... Of Saying
"Happy Kiss Day"

Close Your Eyes* Be Silent*Let the lips take over,
My Dear Valentine*

I still remember the first time you kissed me
And Said that you love me! Time sways by
but our love for each other never fades. This
Is to let you know again that i love you
And Will Keep Loving You For ever
And Ever Again 

Kissing A Girl
On the ForeHead is one Of
The Sweetest things
In The World 

If We KissI'm biting Your Lip.
"Happy Kiss Day"

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